Geometric characters
This ongoing body of work explores an individual's interaction with their urban environment, specifically London. The hard lines of the city contrast with the organic shapes and movements of it's inhabitants, in a pleasant juxtaposition.
Different shades of London
London's reputation for greyness is sometimes accurate, but also a little unfair. London's streaks of bold and vivid colours are the focus of my attention here, with the human elements playing a supporting role.
Streets of London
An ongoing documentary project covering timeless aspects of London.
Windows and doors
A series exploring opacity in images and our tendency as viewers of inventing narrative to fill the gaps
Regent living
Series of eight images documenting life on and around London's Regent's Canal
Underground London
Hidden in plain sight just feet from our daily travels, are portals to places unknown. At least, unknown to most. The context of this series is one of access, and an attempt to bridge the gap between the viewer and the underground spaces all around us.
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