Most Londoners stick to  a habitual commute, and rarely stray far from it, unless forced to. Just look a the London Tube strikes of 2016 for evidence. Stories abounded of commuters, initially displeased with having to take alternative routes, pleasantly surprised by the personal discoveries made along the way.
As most of my photographic work is carried out in London, and as I travel mostly on foot, I have a rare insight into the city in which I live. My propensity to wander down unexplored paths led one of my previously uninitiated accomplices to name these detours 'Scooby-Doo tours'. 
It is these many forays into the previously unexplored, accumulated over decades living and working in London, that make me an ideal guide for any photographer keen to cut to the chase and maximise their photographic opportunities.
My tours all have an architectural subtext (London is the world's largest metropolis, after all), but also include the human aspect too. 
These are not history tours. I'll leave those to the historians. Instead, try to think of my tours as a more efficient way of finding the angles and frames you envision. 
This forms the basis of my tours. I don't have pre-arranged routes, nor do I pre-schedule dates and times. If you tell me what you want to shoot, chances are I'll know where to find it and other shots like it. If on the other hand, you need some direction, I can help with that too. I can even help you develop your skills as a street, urban landscape or architectural photographer. Additionally, if you use Lightroom or Capture One, I can share useful tips and pointers there as well.
My fee is fixed at £250 (including VAT) for every two hours, with an upper limit of ten photographers, and that's it, any time of day, and any day of the week (subject to availability). For that you will get a completely personalised tour, with an experienced, professional photographer as your guide.
PS: I am fully insured for public liability and professional indemnity (covered by Hiscox) as well as being an experienced medic with both hostile environment and emergency service experience. You will be in safe hands, I assure you!
Use the contact from to get in touch, with as much detail as possible, and I will reply within 24 hours.
Thank you!
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