Everyone has at least one photo that they would love to show off, but is spoilt by some glaring imperfection. Well, chances are that these can be fixed. From removing blemishes and smoothing out skin, to removing a 'photo-bomber' or other unsightly object, there are few issues that cannot be corrected. I accept anything from a single image up to batches of 500, with prices reflecting the complexity and nature of the task. For private individuals, simply complete the enquiry form, outlining the changes you want and I will respond within twenty-four hours with approximate timescales and prices. Business customers, please visit my commercial post production page here (opens in new tab).

Once editing is dealt with, you might want to print your favourite images for display. As an experienced colour management technician and printer, I can print any size image (from wallet sized to 10m panoramic) on the most appropriate material, tailored for a specific display environment. In simple terms, I aim to match as closely as possible the image on your computer screen with the image seen under specific lighting conditions, keeping whites white and blacks black.
Thank you! If you do not have a reply within 24hrs, please check your junk folder!
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